Residential Construction Cost Estimator

Residential Construction Estimating Services Provide the Details Homeowners Want

Homeowners may want a variety of different projects completed in their homes. Some may want an upgrade to their kitchen. Others may want an addition to their home to increase the square footage. Others still may want an entire home built to their specifications. A residential construction cost estimator should be used to make sure that you’re providing a thorough estimate.


A house construction estimate has to include the details that people want. Homeowners want to see how you arrived at the number in front of them. This means they want to know how much the materials cost, how much labour you’re using, and how long it’s going to take to complete the project. You don’t have to generate all of this on your own, which could take hours or even days without professional services.


Residential construction estimating services can make sure that you’re capable of giving the homeowner what they want to see. When an estimate is detailed, it allows you to compete more effectively with the competition. This can lead to getting more of the work that you go and provide estimates for.


At EstimateAssist, we’re here to help you. We use leading technology and years of expertise in the industry to be your residential construction cost estimator. Many residential and small commercial builders have used us to help with their cost estimates as well as quantity takeoff services. It’s helped them and we look forward to providing you with the same level of help.


Provide the Details


We believe that it’s all in the details, so we make sure to include them when you ask us for our residential construction estimating services. We’ll provide you with a number of reports to include:


- Estimate cost schedule


- Job specifications


- Timber list


- Subcontractor quotes


- Progress payments schedule


With all of the details being provided, it limits the number of questions that a homeowner will have. They’ll know that you have given their project a significant amount of thought. It will also ensure that you have captured all of the expenses so that you don’t have to either raise the price on them later on or lose money on the project to keep the client happy.


A house construction estimate is only as good as the information you provide. If you don’t have the right supply lists, the full list of job specifications or something else, you’re not getting the full cost – and this can be problematic.


Let us provide you with the solutions to get organised, save money, and work more productively. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable estimating services and how they can work to provide countless benefits to your business.