Bulk Earthworks

Updated: Jan 29

Sometimes you just have to dig on your residential construction projects!!

There is a trend in the residential construction sector that bulk earthworks are treated as a Provisional Sum allowance as it is too hard to work out accurate quantities due to the 2D plans available at the time of tender or you just don't know where to start.

This can lead to:

- Over runs of costs;

- Difficulty in getting additional cost recovery from your clients;

- Extra stress not knowing what the costs should be.

To calculate the Bulk Earthworks correctly, it all starts from obtaining a contour plan showing the RL heights which has been prepared by the surveyor, or a site plan that has been prepared by the architect or building designer. This should show the existing contour heights and any current building pad heights, location of services, trees etc.

Next is looking at the proposed plans showing the new building, extension, driveway etc. The FFL (Finished Floor Level) needs to be identified for each part of the proposed works and the difference in height calculated at each point. Consideration has to be given for any structural elements such as slab thickness, sand layers, required clearances between the underside of the proposed structural and the FGL (Finished Ground Level). Further consideration has to be given on how the new levels are to be achieved: cut & fill method, batters, site cuts, removal of spoil, import of material. This can be quite daunting at this point, however by marking up on the plan and planning the workflow you can achieve an accurate estimate of quantities to price.

Calculating Bulk Earthworks is time consuming!!

This is where we come in to help you achieve all of the above without lifting a finger. We use state of the art 3D CAD software designed specifically for earthmoving. We can produce a 3D Model of the site, calculate all of the quantities by phase, and produce reports and 2D layout plans of each phase showing finished spot levels and contours. This is provided as a stand alone service and the reports are easy to read and ready for you to add the quantities to your estimate that you are undertaking. Costs for this service start from $360.00 + GST and ranges depending on the size of the project, however most residential projects are around the initial starting cost.

If this service interests you, visit our Estimating Services to get your next Bulk Earthworks Job calculated for you.

Happy Digging!

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