Bathroom Renovation Template built by EstimateAssist to suit SoloAssist Software users.

As a user of SoloAssist Software for many years, and after many requests from our clients, EstimateAssist has now created a template solely for estimating renovations/refurbishments of an existing Bathroom/Ensuite/Powder Room/WC.

We have used the principles of the original template supplied with SoloAssist and condensed it to a smaller format, enabling very fast take offs for this niche market.

The template has been set up assuming that the work is inside an existing house with existing structure in the room. Each group is in order of required take off and should suit the estimating workflow of most small construction businesses. This section works very efficiently when using Plan Scan to derive quantities, but some manual entries are still required. Of course, items are able to be added to the template to suit a specific job, and this is where your previous knowledge of SoloAssist will come into play.

The Default Quote List in Plan Scan uses key items to maximise the speed of your take off by sending quantities to multiple locations in the estimate, which means you are spending less time measuring and calculating quantities. This list has been broken down into relevant categories for ease of navigation, which include Carpentry Alterations, Carpentry Fix Out, Demolition, Electrical, Mirrors, Plastering, Plumbing & Drainage and Tiling.

The cost codes in the Cost Control section have been simplified to provide easier data entry when allocating costs from invoices and time sheets. The code can easily be modified to suit your current cost codes; however, it is recommended the descriptions in the template are kept.

The Progress Payment section has also been simplified to just four stages: Deposit, Frame Stage, Practical Completion and Final Completion.

The Job Specifications section of the template includes EstimateAssist’s standard Preamble, Provisional Sum & Price Cost Item meanings, and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement. Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings have been broken into each room (Bathroom, Ensuite, Powder Room & WC) and utilises the default specification which contains an extensive list of priced items. A Tiling category is also included in the Job Specifications section where you can use the standard specification supplied or customise to your job.

Key features of the template include:

  • Cost Schedule containing 18 work groups

  • Cost Control containing 13 cost code groups

  • Job Specification containing extensive Plumbing Fixtures & Fittings and Tiling category

  • Plan Scan set up to expedite take off

  • EstimateAssist price list items (current as at time of template purchase - updates not provided)

As part of the purchase of the template and to help you get started, we have even gone to the extent of providing a short video demonstrating a take-off of a Bathroom renovation 😊

You will be amazed by how quick it will be to complete an estimate using this niche template and how much time you will save on estimating. This will then enable you to spend more time working in other aspects of your business, saving you further time and money, or even better, head out with family and friends for a well-deserved break with the time you have saved!!

Click on the snippet video below to give you an idea of the template.

To purchase this exciting new template, head to our website and click on the ‘Shop’ tab or click on the following link to take you straight to our Shop.

While you are visiting our website, you can check out our core business of Estimating Services for when you have a job that is larger than a Bathroom/Ensuite renovation, and you just do not have the time to complete it yourself. With over 37 years experience in the construction industry, and an in-depth knowledge of both SoloAssist and Cubit Estimating Software, we will be an invaluable asset to your team.

Have fun using your new template, and make sure you recommend it to all your construction colleagues!!

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