House Construction Cost Estimator

Get a Real House Building Estimate to Share with Clients

A house building estimate is important for a number of reasons. It identifies what it’s going to cost you to build the home. It also itemizes everything so that the client doesn’t have any questions about how you arrived at the cost that you’re presenting them.


A home building price estimator needs to provide a real estimate – not a bunch of numbers that you throw together. Particularly when someone is buying a home, they need to see that you have put some real thought into the numbers. With EstimateAssist, we’re here as a cost estimator for home construction.


Why use a house construction cost estimator?


You need a real estimate that focuses on the cost of timber, labour, and more. If you fail to consider all aspects of the cost of the home’s construction, you run the risk of losing money throughout the completion of the project. Additionally, a house building estimate is something that clients will get from more than one builder. They’re going to use your estimate and compare it to others.


If you fail to provide a professional estimate, potential clients are going to go elsewhere. They won’t believe that you have put thought into the numbers. They may have too many questions as to how you arrived at the numbers, too. You don’t want to risk losing clients simply because you didn’t use a cost estimator for home construction.


There are two sides to the house building estimate process. A bid too low is going to cost you too much money, leaving you with little to no profits in the end. A bid too high may cause you to price yourself out of the competition, making it difficult to gain a significant amount of business. By working with us at EstimateAssist, we can provide you with the cost estimator for home construction.


Help Your Staff


There are also ways that a house construction cost estimator can help your staff.


1. Show them the various materials and job specifications that are needed


2. Provide the comprehensive reports they need to know what contractors to contact


3. Save them time by not having to go through the estimation process on their own


We have a significant amount of experience with home building price estimators. We use the best software programs around – and even provide training. This means that you can take advantage of our online training courses so that your employees can be better versed in the programs that can make a difference.


Think about the possibilities. If you can use our estimating services, your staff can focus more heavily on getting new business. We’ll do the estimating for you, freeing up a significant amount of time for your sales team to go out and do what they do best.


Impress Your Potential Clients


When you are going to build a home, renovate a home, or take on some other project for a homeowner, you want to impress them. It comes back to knowing that you have some competition. Very few homeowners get a single bid. They get multiple ones. This means that you have to do what you can to stand out.


We can give you the professional edge to stand out. This includes generating all of the reports needed so that you can pass them on to your client. They’ll see a breakdown of materials, fees, and everything else so they can feel more confident about who you are and how you arrived at the costs.


When you want to learn more about how we can help with estimating, call us.