Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send my plans to you?

We have made this process easy for our clients by allowing you to upload directly. Just click on the Send Plans button on the Estimating Services page and complete the online form.

What information do I need to send for my estimate?

The following is recommended as a minimum to complete a detailed estimate: -Drafting – Architectural Site Plan (with contour lines) Floor Plans Elevations Section Window & Door Schedule -Drafting – Engineering Footing & Slab Plan Floor Frame (these can be noted by hand) Lintels (these can be noted by hand) * Note - if Engineering plans are not available, we can make assumptions and make the estimate subject to Engineer design -Any Specifications or Schedules

How long does it take to get my estimate back?

Our estimating turnaround time is approximately 5 - 10 working days, depending on workloads at the time. This may increase coming into holiday periods. So make sure you get all current plans and information to us as soon as you can.

How do I know the estimate will be the right price?

This will depend on the level of information that we receive about the job, we will need your help for this as well! Remember we will be part of your extended team and clear communication is important to us. We help this process by giving you direct access to our estimating notes while we are estimating, that way you can comment and add requirements for us to include as we go.

How much does it cost for you to complete my estimate?

You can find our Fee Structure on our Estimating Services page. We incorporate our fee as part of the estimate for you, so when you win the job we become a free service to your business!

Can you use my price lists whilst estimating?

Absolutely we can, in fact we encourage you to provide as much pricing and quotes as possible! It is important to ensure that you have a competitive quote, so we make sure that the pricing is as accurate as possible and relates directly to your business.

What do I get when you have finished my estimate?

We provide you a full set of PDF Reports including the following: + MS Excel Report - BOQ + PDF Report - Plan Take-off + PDF Report - Preamble, Clarifications, Detailed Estimate - Builder Copy + PDF Report - Preamble, Clarifications, Detailed Estimate - Client Copy including your logo + MS Word Report - Preamble, Clarifications, Detailed Estimate - Client Copy including your logo​ ​Plus we will send you a PDF copy of all of our estimating notes for that job. Don't forget one hour where the Estimator reviews the estimate online with you is included in our fee.

Do you provide a fixed priced quote for completing the estimate?

An indicative quotation will be provided on receipt of the plans lodged through our website. Estimates are charged on a percentage basis as per our Fee Structure and Item 3 of our Terms & Conditions of Trade. The only time a fixed price will be negotiated is if estimate values are over amounts stated on our Fee Structure.

How do I know when you will commence my estimate?

An indicative quotation will be provided upon receipt of plans lodged through our website. Estimates will not be scheduled or commenced until acceptance of our indicative quote is received by us. Please ensure that latest plans and information is provided so we can get back to you with an approximate return date. By submitting the plans via the website, you are agreeing that you have read our Terms & Conditions of Trade and agree to our Fee Structure. The Client Information Form must also be completed and returned, and deposit paid before any estimate is started.

What happens if another Builder submits plans for the same job?

We will only complete one estimate per job and preference will be given to the first Builder who submits the first in, best dressed!! We will NEVER complete the same estimate for two or more Builders as this would be unethical.

Do you provide training?

We no longer provide training for the software that we use in our business.

What Software is my estimate completed in?

We use Cubit Pro Estimating + BIM software + Cubit Select in our business and provide you the most comprehesive reports in PDF, MS Word & MS Excel and accurate quantification for you to use in your business