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Let us do the work for you...

Professional estimating services at affordable rates so you can get organised, save time and increase profits

estimating services

  • Full professional estimating service

  • Residential homes

  • Residential additions & renovations

  • Small commercial

  • Bulk earthworks

estimate reports provided

  • Trade Summary Breakup example

  • Detailed Trade & Material Breakup example

  • 3D Take Off example

  • Rate Breakup Sheets

  • Calculation Sheets


earthworks reports provided

Our Process..



contact us

Contact us by completing the form via the button below


wait for us to contact you

We will contact you within 24 hours to advise an indicative fee to carry out the estimating works


engage us

Accept our indicative fee online to start the job & to enable us to schedule a date for completion


working with us

A Pre-estimate Zoom meeting will be booked to go through our Job Checklist.


We will keep you updated via email as the work progresses



PDF reports & Estimate files will be issued to you via Dropbox transfer


1 hour is included to review estimate upon completion

Terms of Trade


Client Information


Fee Structure

Our core business is to provide detailed estimates which include the following:


  • Full Plan take-off

  • Detailed estimate based on material and labour costs to complete the work (m2 rates not used)

  • Job Specification – Prime Cost & Provisional Sum Items/Allowances/Exclusions etc

  • Access to our OneNote Estimator Notes – to allow you to interact with us as required during the estimate work

  • Issue of PDF Reports via Dropbox transfer

  • 1 hour revision included – Estimator’s screen is shared online via TeamViewer to review the estimate with you one-on-one

The following is recommended as a minimum to complete a detailed estimate:


  • Drafting – Architectural

    • Demolition Plans - if required

    • Floor Plans - required

    • Elevations - required

    • Window & Door Schedule – required (or sizes marked on plans)

    • Site Plan (with contour lines & levels)

    • Sections

    • Specification or Schedules


  • Drafting – Engineering

    • Footing & Slab Plan

    • Floor Frame (these can be noted by hand)

    • Lintels (these can be noted by hand)

    • *Note - it is preferable to have Engineering plans, but if unavailable, assumptions will be made and stated that the estimate is subject to Engineer design. We create a 3D model (IFC) to ensure that we can achieve the most comprehensive take-off. Timber computations are derived from our SmartFrame software. All proposed layouts, 3D Model & Reports are provided to you. This work can be intensive depending upon the Building Layout and is charged extra to our Service fee.


Our turnaround is approximately six weeks but can differ depending on work load at the time and the size of the job. 

Our Terms & Conditions of Trade, Client Information Form and Fee Structure is available above for you to peruse. If you decide to use our Service, the Client Information Form is required to be signed and returned prior to our engagement. This form will only need to be completed once and will cover all future jobs. We will also require a deposit for each job and our payment terms are 7 days from date of Invoice.


To proceed with a detailed estimate, please click on SEND PLANS and provide details of your requirements and please make sure you include a comprehensive description of the scope of works.


Once the job is submitted to us, a job sheet will automatically generate and we will contact you via email within one working day to confirm that the job has been received and advise if we can achieve your requested date.