Earthworks Reporting 

Professional take-offs for you and your clients

An earthworks estimate measures the quantity of soil that must be excavated, filled, embanked, imported, and exported to execute grading per the site grading plan, and puts a price on these activities.

To provide an accurate, competitive bid, the Builder must:

  • establish an adequate crew size;

  • determine what equipment will be required by the crew; 

  • work out how long the work will take; and

  • calculate the quantity of material to be moved

Once these variables are determined, the estimator can use current labour rates to put a price tag on the work. Similar to other pricing exercises, the accuracy of an earthworks estimate relies on the quality of the site grading plan; the more unknowns and variables an estimator has to face, the more “padding” they will add to their quote.

How can EstimateAssist help?

We can prepare detailed costings for earthworks using our earthworks software and providing powerful export options enabling you to produce impressive reports and comprehensive CAD data. These reports are invaluable in presenting results and layouts to your client and determining costs to avoid budget blowouts.