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When you are in the construction industry, your ability to provide estimates is of the utmost importance. Your customers, whether residential or commercial, depend on your ability to provide a detailed estimate. As a construction estimate company, EstimateAssist can help you every step of the way.


Your search for construction estimators near me is over. As one of the top construction cost estimating firms in Australia, we use SoloAssist and Cubit software on a daily basis in order to provide more effective estimating services.


When you need construction estimating services near me, you can depend on our proficiency. We have the ability to provide you with thorough job estimates with a breakdown of costs including a proposed schedule, timber list, job specifications, and even progress payments.


Your customers need to feel confident with you as a company when they get an estimate from you. If you provide a number without the breakdown of the job, many are going to feel as though you pulled the number out of thin air. This can lead to a lack of confidence which results in you not getting the business.


Rather than spending time going out to locations, measuring, discussing job specifications, and creating drawings only to find out that the customer went with another business, you can use a construction estimate company to assist you with the critical task of providing a detailed estimate.


At EstimateAssist, we are an estimating company that can help you to get organised and provide professional services for you every step of the way.


Working with construction estimators near me has never been easier. You can provide us with all of the details of the job, complete with sending blueprints or drawings. We will provide you with a completion date so that you can update your customer. Additionally, we will provide updates as the work progresses. From there, we will deliver estimate files and PDF reports to you so that these can be forwarded to your potential customer as necessary. We also offer a full hour of consulting with our estimating services so that you can make adjustments or ask questions as to how we came up with the pricing.


Become More Detailed


Construction cost estimating firms are becoming more popular because there is a need to become more detailed. Residential and commercial customers alike want to make sure that their projects are priced appropriately. If there is no price breakdown, people start to wonder about how you came up with the price. Even though you may have done a similar project multiple times, that doesn’t deliver the confidence that the customer is looking for.


With our detailed reports, you can make sure to provide the level of detail that customers want. Additionally, you have the details on your end so that you can save time and increase your profits.


Often, construction companies forget about various expenses. We have the experience as a professional estimating service, allowing us to incorporate all of the various expenses into the cost schedule. We can even include subcontractor quotes so that you know who we used and what they can offer you.


Work Smarter in the Construction Industry


It’s about time that you started working smarter within the construction industry. By using our construction estimate company, you can save time by getting help with the estimates that you provide your customers. This gives you more time to walk more projects and get more work. Additionally, it ensures that the job specifications are laid out so that you can follow on budget with each and every project, boosting your bottom line throughout the year.


Imagine how much easier it will be to produce estimates when you’re not the one that has to do it. How many times have you incorrectly quoted someone because you had a salesperson who forgot to calculate an important component? With our knowledge of the industry and our use of state-of-the-art technology, you can upload the details of the project to us and let us do what we do best.


This can be the solution that you have been looking for. Explore construction estimating services near me that can help you save time and improve your bottom line by providing more thorough estimates. You’ll find that your clients will love seeing the details and that your foremen can do their job more effectively with the subcontractor quotes, timber list, and more provided for them.


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