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Professional Estimating Services for Builders

in the residential and small commercial market

Let us do the estimating work..

When you use EstimateAssist estimating services, we become part of your team and save you countless hours of work.

We can complete quantity take-offs, job estimates & bulk earthwork estimates delivering a full break down of costs including trade & material breakups, job specifications and monetary items, saving you time and letting you work on your business rather than in your business!

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Booking Services

& Online Training..

As we use Cubit Estimating, SoloAssist and Buildsoft Global estimating software in our business every day, we are proficient in the full functionality of these programs.

We offer personalised one-on-one training sessions online to guide you through the software and provide specialised support.

The sessions are tailor made to your requirements so that you only receive training on the specific areas you need help with.